Bill Seemannís career as a boat builder first began with his small boat repair company named Leda Boat Works in the early 1960ís. As his passion for boat building grew, he began building Olympic Fin Racing Dinghies and by the mid 60ís, he was building custom fiberglass boats. His interest in the research and development of composites fabrication led him to the invention and patenting of C-Flex. In the years following, racing yachts built with C-Flex began to dominate sailing circuits around the world. In 1970 he began Seemann Plastics, which later became Seemann Fiberglass, and began working on vacuum processing.


Seemann Composites, Inc. (SCI), was founded in 1987 to develop the technology of vacuum infusion, specifically SCRIMP (Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process). Its founder, Bill Seemann, had worked for decades building fiberglass boats and distributing composite materials throughout the Gulf-South SCI was founded on its research and development innovation with composite fabrication processes and is a recognized leader in large scale resin infusion technology. SCRIMP enjoys worldwide usage today and has been attributed to starting an industry-wide revolution in vacuum assisted resin transfer molding of composites.


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